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The Whitelist Project DAO - Roadmap 3.0
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This is functioning as our ongoing project whitepaper. All information you need to understand where we have been and where we are going lives in this document.

What is The Whitelist Project (TWP) DAO?

The Whitelist Project DAO is a group of four NFT collections. Buying an NFT from any of them gets you full DAO access. We are a big happy family that lives together in one Discord server :)
2D Tickets
Safari Dition
Yobi Universe
3D Tickets
Our original collection & the beginning of TWP DAO. A low-cost, stealth mint, we worked with SOL NFT projects to streamline and secure their mints.
Months after our original collection sold out, we acquired Safari Dition. We added the team, took over their roadmap, & integrated them into TWP DAO.
A free mint, Yobi built a great community with incredible art. We acquired & integrated them into TWP DAO, with their founder joining our team.
An expansion of the original 2D Tickets, this collection was minted to fund the DAO treasury and investment fund as we build an REIT of metaverse land.