🏷️All Things Branding

Intangible assets are the hardest to develop.

Intangible, invaluable, inevitable.

We hear "brand" repeatedly in the NFT space for a good reason. Branding is arguably more crucial to the success of an organization than the product. That being said, branding will be the most significant piece of our newest project roadmap.

Rebrand to [REDACTED].

As we've said earlier, we have become very comfortable pivoting our direction to adapt to the current landscape. The Whitelist Project started as a single-focus utility project, and we have grown to much more than that in the last year. Because of that, it is time to align our branding with something more sustainable.

Uniting the DAO.

To make this rebrand happen, we will unite all four DAO collections into one. The logistics of that will be announced at a later date. We are attempting to develop a PFP collection that has never been seen before in a way that has never been done. No pressure.

The anchor point for our rebrand is our 1/1 PFP collection. Not only is this driving the project's brand development, but it is also creating an avenue for all of our holders to develop their personal brands.

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