Supporting Builders

A rising tide lifts all ships.
Our primary focus and leading project utility is our investment fund.
Through this, we are supporting builders financially and rewarding our holders. However, many other ways exist to support builders and grow the web3 space.

Pushing the entire ecosystem forward.

One of the core themes of our project has always been supporting builders. We want to provide value and innovation to the entire web3 landscape, and by empowering others, we can do that more effectively.

Building the largest network of web3 developers.

In our Discord and on Twitter, we will cultivate a network of every web3 developer. Holders can network, ask questions, and collaborate on programming topics.

Building the largest network of NFT artists.

In our Discord and on Twitter, we will cultivate a network of every NFT artist. By doing this, we are helping amplify the reach of everyone contributing to our ecosystem.

Putting together resources so anyone can learn to code.

Whether you are curious about the fundamental programming concepts or need help debugging your latest Solana dApp, we will have everything you need to make it happen.

Helping every holder develop their own personal brand.

A brand is inherently essential and a neverending hot topic in the web3 space. It will be a focus of our project, and we want to spread that journey to our holders for their own development.