Roadmap Progress

You can track the progress of Roadmap 3.0 as it happens here.

Roadmap 3.0 Items:

  • New team members and structure
  • Royalty protection turned on and back-pay process set up
  • True Sight Alpha Bot
  • Get set up on Subber
  • Job bot integrations to enhance our networking channels
  • Create an investment council and announce new investments
  • Get a bunch of custom emojis and stickers made for the server
  • Raffle off Rank #1 Yobi with $SAFARI
  • Close Yobi Discord
  • First revshare dividend for 2D and 3D Ticket holders
  • Development of a Developer Directory on Twitter/Discord
  • Development of an Artist Directory on Twitter/Discord
  • Select 20 artists for our PFP collection
  • Raid to earn
  • White-labeled casino
  • Art airdrops for holders that are staking
  • Merch run for holders
  • TWP coffee line
  • Burn rugged projects for $SAFARI
  • Make a payout calculator
  • Flex-to-earn
  • Custom merch store