Other Plans

Miscellaneous ideas.

Raid-to-earn for all TWP DAO holders.

Artist airdrops for holders that are staking.

  • Individual 1/1 pieces or editions from Solana NFT Artists
  • Revisit the qualtaghGAN collection airdrop from Roadmap 2.0

Merch for holders.

  • Drawing inspiration from certain traits of TWP DAO NFTs, we will look to do a fun merch run.
  • Collabs with other projects are part of this too.

White-labeled Casino.

  • Did someone say another income stream? We are in talks to make this happen ASAP.

TWP Coffee line.

  • This is really random but fun. Let's run a couple of rounds of TWP-branded Guatemalan coffee.

Burning rugged projects for $SAFARI.

  • We will not be acquiring more projects to integrate into our DAO, but we can help rid the ecosystem of some bad NFTs by giving them access to our DAO through $SAFARI.

Make a payout calculator.

  • We will help our holders take away the mental math of figuring out what their airdrop will be based on their holders, so we will develop a payout calculator to put on our website.


  • Instead of staking for our new PFP collection, we will be doing something new called "Flex-to-earn." I am not sure that it's been done before by anyone. Details coming soon.

Custom merch store.

  • Following the theme of developing your brand, we will develop a wallet-connected custom merch store to let our holders order their own merch on demand.